Welcome To The Pier!

​South Lake Tahoe's newest and freshest Tanning experience featuring the highest quality equipment including a non UV, sunless spray unit in a refreshing and sanitary environment at competitive prices. All of our units have brand new bulbs and acrylics for guaranteed, exceptional results. Plug in and tune out while experiencing a 15 minute vacation! We offer the best accelerators, bronzers, lotions, body scrubs, oils and tanning accessories.

Our Philosophy

Tanning is the most controlled way to build a resistance to the sun. At Pier Sun Tanning, we're not only trying to make you look better and feel better about yourself but to also keep you safe and informed about your skin and the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation. Moderate exposure to the sun contributes to the production of vitamin D by the body, but excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has negative health effects. For that reason, we strive to keep people knowledgeable and safe about their skin and their subjection to the sun.