Meet The Staff

Jakki Svetlik

Jakki, a 20+ year local is the original co-owner and co-founder of Pier Sun Tanning. Jakki spent her younger years growing up in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and the California Valley managing and operating many high quality salons throughout California. Wanting to share her knowledge of safe and healthy tanning, Jakki opened Pier Sun in 2010 in South Lake Tahoe, Ca. Serving thousands of clients since the doors have opened, Lake Tahoe finally can be educated about the benefits of safe tanning as well as the suns harmful rays and how important it is to stay protected. Altitude plays a large factor in your susceptibility to the harmful rays of the sun, and what better place to share Jakki's expertise than Lake Tahoe. Jakki has turned her vision of a safe, friendly, sensible and healthy tanning environment into Pier Sun.

Ron Svetlik

Ron moved to South Lake Tahoe in the late 1990's from Denver, Co. spending his childhood growing up in Littleton and graduating from Columbine High School mastering in mechanics. Pursuing his dream of fast cars and maxed out speedometers, Ron spent the next part of his life building his own race cars, and driving them down the drag strip. Ron being a self made entrepreneur, has owned and operated his own successful mechanics business for several years. After marrying Jakki, Ron has incorporated his knowledge of many talents to build the dream that is Pier Sun Tanning. His knowledge of business, trade and technical skills have proven to be a large contributor to Pier Sun's success. With healthy tanning comes proper equipment which requires maintenance, updates and knowledge of what would best serve the customer.  As one of the co-owners of Pier Sun, Ron does his best to make sure the machine of Pier Sun, "Purrs like a kitten".

Harley Wells

Harley, also a Lake Tahoe local has spent his entire life in the high Sierra Mountains. Graduating from South Tahoe High School and jumping right in with the pros, Harley has focused his interest and career in Digital Media Arts as well as Professional Audio and Video. Harley has integrated his knowledge of Media and Customer service to help maintain Pier Sun's connection with it's family of customers. His background consists of Marketing for Caesars Entertainment, Sales & Design Engineering for NFL Stadiums as well as operating Front of House Audio for large scale concerts.