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 UV Tanning Tips

Tan Lines

Under Arms:

If you find you are getting white areas under your arms, try putting your arms over your head for half of your session. You might also consider using one of Pier Sun's stand-up units with its overhead handles every third session.

"Smile" Lines or "Cottontail":

These lines or untanned area can be cause by the weight of your body folding your skin under while you lie down. Try lifting your legs one at a time (while laying in the classic sunbathing position) for half of the session. Also, using a stand-up unit every third tan can help eliminate these lines.

Pressure Points:

Pressure points can develop under your shoulder blades and on your tailbone as a result of the lack of bloodflow to these areas when you are lying down. To tan over these spots, try flipping over from the classic sunbathing position to your front side or shifting your weight from side to side. You can also try using the stand-up unit every third visit.

Under Chin:

Tilting your head downward during the session can cause this lack of tanning under your chin and jawline. 

To avoid this, use the thick side of the provided pillow under your neck so that your head tilts backwards and your chin points straight up, exposing more of your neck area. If you are in the stand-up unit, try pointing your head directly forward or tilting slightly towards the ceiling.

Around the Eyes:

Pier Sun requires the usage of protective eyewear. If you begin to develop lines from the eyewear, ask a Pier Sun consultant about replacement protective eyewear. Other options may be available to keep your eyes protected, while receiving safe sun exposure.

Sunless Tan Tips


The process of spray on tanner, works best when the skin is consistent in moisture and healthy new skin.

A simple dry wash cloth exfoliation can make a large difference in the quality of your tan.

Lotions, Make up, Etc.:

We recommend that NO Topical products are on your skin at the time of tanning. Any kind of layer between your skin and the spray on solution, will inhibit the solution from drying properly in your skin. Your tan can run the risk of coming out blotchy, spotty or not working at all. 


Loose fitting clothing is ideal for the short period of time after your tan. Tight jeans, shirts, under ware, heavy jackets and other heavy skin contact items can smear your tan while it is still in the process of drying. Jogging shorts, jogging pants, sandles, loose dresses are examples of ideal attire.